So Many Euros

So Many Euros 4.0

Contains all euro circulation coins and the popular 2 Euro commemorative coins
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So Many Euros is the software for all Euro Coin Collectors. It contains all circulation coins from 1 Cent to 2 Euro and the popular 2 Euro commemorative coins. All countries (also Cyprus, Malta, Slovenia, Slovakia and Estonia), all different sets (eg Vacant Papal See from the Vatican), all years and all stamping places are supported, all together more than 2,070 variants.

There is extensive background information included covering the Euro history, countries, coins, mints and a map. Using a configuration dialog you may choose which countries to display. Larger pictures and more detailed motive descriptions are available for all coins. Using a table view it is easy to compare the number of copies issued and the number in your collection.

To identify complete sets there is a new feature: A coloured flag is displayed on the country or coin tabs if this set is already part of your collection. How much money could you spend if you decide to give away all the coins in your collection or only some for swapping? Use the nominal value function to determine the right amount. In the report area there is a print function for text lists available.

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