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So Many Euros is a program for managing your Euro coin collection
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So Many Euros is a program to keep track of your Euro coins collection. This program has a page for every country that mints Euro coins. On each one of those pages you will be able to read data about each coin in circulation (stamping place, copies, year), as well as its motive and data about the chosen country. You can input the quantity of coins of each kind that you own, to keep a record of your collection. The program will calculate the number of pieces you own, their nominal value and their collector value.

Along with this, So Many Euros will show you the map of the Euro zone, a brief history of the Euro, details about the Euro area, and details about the eight different euro denominations. The program can be run in thirteen languages.

The evaluation version will not allow to access the pages from Germany, France, Ireland, Luxembourg, Austria, Spain or San Marino. But you will be able to keep track of your coins from those countries, anyway, since you can access the page that lists your coins per value, and input your data there.

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